Seiler: Hillary should come to OC to get better

Posted by on September 11, 2016 6:28 pm
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By John Seiler

Hillary’s campaign today finally admitted she is sick, having come down with Pneumonia. But according to Deadline, she’s still planning a bunch of fundraisers later this week in Hollywood. Although CNN says she has canceled her trip.

My suggestion: Hillary should come to Orange County to get better, asking her Hollywood pals to come down here.

For one thing, the weather is a lot better down here. Less smog, less traffic, a more pleasant environment. Perfect temperatures, too, in the high 70s. No “global warming.”

For another, a trip to John Wayne County could help the damage she caused by branding half of Trump followers the “basket of deplorables.” There are a lot of “deplorables” in OC, so coming here would show that her apology is sincere and she really does want to become the president of all Americans. She even could take a photo-op before the statue of the Duke at John Wayne Airport.

Come to Orange County, Hillary! You’ll love it. And you’ll get better.

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