Seiler: Vote No on Measure J, Anaheim school bonds

Posted by on October 4, 2016 8:27 am
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dunce-cap-wikimedia-1906By John Seiler

School educrats keep pushing bonds on taxpayers. Such as the $318 million bond, Measure J, on the ballot for the Anaheim Elementary School District. With interest, that’s an incredible $632 million taxpayers will be forced to pay off.

The district recently re-branded itself; it used to be the Anaheim City School District.

The ballot argument states: “To repair and modernize classrooms and older neighborhood schools to support reading, math, science, technology, arts.”

Blady blady blady blah.

Sounds wonderful. They always put that STEM stuff in: science, technogy, engineerming, math.

And they always argue it won’t go to teacher salaries and pensions. But that’s what it’s really for, because government money is fungible. That means they just shift the funds around.

Yet Anaheim City/Elementary has been attacking such innovations as charter schools. A judge even overruled the district’s attempt to stop Palm Lane Elementary School from using the California “trigger law” to become a charter school. Under the “trigger law,” if a majority of parents in a school vote against management, the school can become a charter.

The Palm Lane vote shows what parents really think of how this district is run.

Rather than running up a shocking $632 million tab for taxpayers, voters should turn down Measure J.

And every school in Anaheim City/Elementary District should be turned into charter schools.

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